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Smoke Detector Campaign
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Every day, seven people in the U.S die in home fires,
most in homes that lack working smoke alarms.

In partnership with local fire departments,
community groups, and corporate supporters,
we are offering

FREE Smoke Alarms
to residents in need and providing
fire preparedness education
to hundreds of local families through our ongoing Home Fire Campaign.

If you are interested in receiving
FREE smoke detectors
for your home,
please contact the
American Red Cross
825 John St, Henrietta, NY 14586
(585) 241-4390
download the application
or pick up an application at the

Village of Leicester Clerk's Office
52 South Parkway, Leicester NY  14481
(585) 382-3699


Go to

or email

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to learn more about how to be
prepared for any kind of disaster

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Download the
FREE American Red Cross
Emergency Mobile Apps

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  • You should test your smoke alarms once
    a month?

  • All smoke alarms
    should be replaced
    after 10 years?

  • You have less than 2 minutes to get out   of your home safely once a fire starts?

Create A Fire Escape Plan

  • You should know of 2 exits out of every room, that can include doors and windows.

  • Practice home fire drills, you should be able to get out in 2 minutes or less!

  • Pick a meeting spot, that way you know who has made it out of the house safely.

  • Make sure you stay low and go, you want to protect yourself from the smoke.

  • Once you get outside, call 911!

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Reduce The Risk Of A Fire

  • Keep an eye on what you fry

  • When you use a space heater,
    keep it 3 feet
    away from
    anything flammable


  • Keep matches and lighters out
    of reach of children


  • Do not smoke in bed

  • Unplug appliances both large
    and small when not in use


  • Clean the lint out of your dryer

  • Limit the amount combustible
    materials in the home


  • Seek professional help with
    electrical issues

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