Water Department

     Chief Water Operator: Al Mothershed

     Water Emergencies only                                                  Dig Safely NY Call 811 Before you Dig

     (585) 797-7370 or call 911



     * Any questions on billing should be directed to the Village Office at (585) 382-3699.


     * All requests for a water line stakeout should be directed to the Village Office at (585) 382-3699.

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The Village of Leicester supplies water to over 330 customers

throughout the Village and parts of the Town of Leicester.

The quality of your drinking water is important to us.

YOUR drinking water is OUR drinking water!

Water is routinely tested as required by the heath department.

The Village of Leicester is pleased to report that we routinely

pass our water quality reports and tank inspections.

Water Rates

     Per Unit                     Village          Outside

     * Base Rate:              $65.00           $82.00

     Per 1,000 gallons      $ 3.95            $ 4.45

     * Included 4,000 gallon minimum

Water readings are done quarterly with bills mailed January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

A 10% penalty is calculated monthly on the unpaid balance of all water bills and assessed on the 1st of each month.


All water bills must be paid in full by the due date.  The Village will not accept partial payments for water bills.


Any water bill over 60 days past due will result in termination of water supply.

Water services will not be turned back on until the outstanding balance plus $100 Turn-On Fee

is paid in full.

Water payments can be mailed or made in person at the Village Office.  For your convenience,

a secure lock box is located to the right of the main door.


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