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Why is the Village conducting this Lead Line Survey?

On December 16, 2021, the federal Lead and Copper Rule Revision went into effect. The revised rule requires every federally defined community and non-transient, non-community water systems to develop a lead service line inventory. The Village of Leicester needs your help tp identify all unknown water service lines for the Village's water customers.

This information will be used to create an inventory of lines will be made public in the following weeks. Thank you for your assistance with this important project!

Health impacts of lead

Exposure to lead can cause serious health effects in all age groups. Infants and children who drink water containing lead could have decreases in IQ and attention span and increases in learning and behavioral problems. Lead exposure among women who are pregnant increases prenatal risks. Lead exposure among women who later become pregnant has similar risks if lead stored in the mother's bones is released during pregnancy. Recent science suggests that adults who drink water containing lead have increased risks of hearts disease, high blood pressure, kidney or nervous system problems. 


Where does lead in water come from?

Lead is not found in Leicester's source water. Lead can be present in the service lines connecting homes to water mains and in brass fixtures, faucets, and solder in copper plumbing. these items can pass lead into the water you use for drinking and cooking. The video below was developed by the American Water Works Association to explain how lead can get into drinking water and what you can do to protect your household.



AWWA: Together, Let's Get the Lead Out

AWWA: Together, Let's Get the Lead Out

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To Ensure you are getting the best quality water possible, we recommend taking the following steps:

Step 1- Find out if there is lead in your tap water:

        Inspect your plumbing:

  • Learn how to identify sources of lead in your home's plumbing with this          online guide.

  • Use this guide to identify you inside water service material and repot it to the Village of Leicester.

  • If you are unable to identify you water service line make an appointment with a Village of Leicester water employee to do it for you:

  • Contact a licensed plumber to check your pipes or have your water tested by the certified laboratory. 

Step 2- Use these simple steps to minimize lead in your tap water:

1. Use only cold water for drinking, cooking and preparing baby formula. Hot water dissolves lead more quickly.

2. Flush your pipes any time water had been unused for more than 4-6 hours. Lead levels are highest when water has been sitting in the pipe. Run your cold water for 3-5 minutes in to ensure complete flushing.

3. Routinely clean faucet screen which can accumulate lead and rust particles.

4. Use a water filter that is certified NSF 53 to remove lead. Find out more at

Step 3- Take steps to replace all lead-containing plumbing in your home.

Consider replacing your inside water service if it contains lead.

EPA Hotline and Information

Other sources of lead

Childhood lead poisoning is nearly always the result of ingesting lead dust from deteriorated lead-based paint in the home.

More information is available from the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning.

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