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Do it yourself (DIY) Home Water Pipe Inspection- We need your help to identify all unknown water service lines for the village of Leicester's water customers.

WHO SHOULD INSEPCT THEIR PIPES? ALL Village of Leicester water customers need to test their pipes following the instructions below. 


What you'll need

  • Magnet (A refrigerator magnet will do)

  • Screwdriver or coin (to gently scratch your pipe)

  • Flashlight

How to Identify your pipe material type

IMPORTANT NOTE: if the pipe material entering your home through the basement wall or floor is corroded or in poor condition, only perform ta magnet test on the pipe. If your service is not made of metal, it's most likely plastic.

Step 1: Locate your pipe.

Find the water meter and the pipe part connecting to the ground or wall. This pipe comes from the street and will be the focus of the test.

Please note:

The incoming water service in your home can either come up from the basement floor or out of the side wall in the basement. If you do not have a basement, the incoming water service should come up through the floor on the main level.


Step 2: TEST the pipe to see what you have.

Fist, visually inspect your pipe to see if it's PLASTIC. If your pipe is a bright blue color with a smooth finish and flexible, you have PLASTIC which is resistant to corrosion. You do not need a pipe replacement.

If the pipe is brownish-orange in color, like a penny, or has turned green over time due to oxidation, AND your magnet will NOT stick to it, you have a COPPER pipe, You do not need a pipe replacement.


If your pipe appears metallic check to see if your magnet can stick tot he pipe. If the magnet sticks, you have GALVANIZED STEEL pipe. Your pipe will need replaced.

Use the penny or screwdriver to GENTLY scratch the surface of the pipe to remove any coatings or dirt to reveal the material underneath.

If your pipe is dark in color. is very soft, easy to scratch and looks shiny and silvery, AND your magnet will NOT stick to it, you likely have LEAD pipe and it will need to be replaced.

Step 3: REPORT you pipe type!

If you have any issues using the form below feel free to email the Village of Leicester at or call 585-382-3699 to set up a convenient time for one of our water employees to come out to your home and inspect the water service piping near your water meter. This process will only take a few moments of your time






















































The information you provide to us will help the Village qualify for grants and plan for future lead and galvanized steel service line replacement projects.  




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